Aamer Khan got so much salary for his first film and he will be amazed when he knows…


Actor Aamer Khan, who has a distinct identity in Bollywood as Mr. Perfect, is known for his strong acting, although most of his films so far have been quite successful. Let us tell you that despite appearing in this film after many years, his popularity was much higher than the rest of the actors.

If you look at him, he is not only on top of the list of superhero movies, but he is also the highest-paid actor. Most of the people know that today they have no shortage of money, because they earn lakhs through many advertisements apart from movies.

But do you know how much the actor who got one crore rupees for today’s film was earning at the beginning of his film career, that is, what was his first salary? In such a situation, according to some media reports, Bollywood star Mr. Kamal Aamer Khan started his career with the film “Resurrection of Resurrection”.

Let me tell you, Aamer got Rs 11,000 as a signature for this film. However, before entering the industry as a hero, Aamir Khan was seen working as a child artist in the film “Yaadon Ki Baaraat”. Actors earn crores during the day.

Nowadays his film “Lal Singh Chada” is in discussion for the last few years. According to reports, the film was scheduled to release in Christmas 2020. But due to the pandemic, now the film can be released on Christmas 2022, while there is no news of the release of the film yet.


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