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After 18 years, the fruit of “Sone Pari” started looking like this, it became difficult to recognize even after seeing the picture.

Almost everyone will remember the famous 90s TV series “Son Pari” because this series was so famous among children, let us tell you that this series started in 2000, at that time its madness was very much.

In such a situation, today we will tell you about the fruit of any of Barry’s sons who will not be seen in this series, which has changed a lot over the years, which has changed a lot, which is difficult to determine because the show was closed 17 It’s been more than a year.

But you will be surprised to know that she still looks as beautiful and good as she used to be. Today he has a different name in marathon movies. Let us tell you that Tanfi Higeda has worked as a child actress in many films apart from TV series.

Tanvi made her mark in the acting world at the age of 9. Let us tell you that apart from Sun Barry, Tanvi has also worked in popular series like Chaka Laka Boom Boom and Khichdi. The actress is believed to have made a name for herself by starring in over 150 television commercials.

Apart from being a child artist, she was also very famous as an actress in marathon films. Presently she is a Marathi actress, who is often in discussion on social media with her acting as well as her beautiful pictures. If you look at some of her pictures, she would say that she was more beautiful than Bollywood actresses.

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