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Ranbir’s photo was taken in an objectionable position with Pakistani actress, father Rishi Kapoor was furious after seeing

Bollywood actress Ranbir Kapoor is in a lot of discussion these days about his marriage. He told us that he had married his old girlfriend Aaliya Bahat on April 14 as per Punjabi customs. Both were dating each other for five years. At the same time, the date of Monday’s wedding was back and forth for some time. But now both of them are husband and wife and work on their own projects.

ranbir kapoor mehira khan viral photo 5

Since coming into the world of cinema, Ranbir Kapoor has been the subject of much discussion about his love life along with his films. I have dated many veteran actresses of Bollywood industry for a long time. But they couldn’t even pair up with anyone. But today we will talk about one such photo of Ranbir Kapoor which was leaked in this article. Soon his father Rishi Kapoor also got angry with him.

Ranbir Kapoor Mehra Khan Viral Photo 1

Actually, some selfies of Ranbir Kapoor have become viral on social media as soon as he went viral with Pakistani actress Mira Khan. For your information, Pakistani actress is also very active on social media, where her fan followers have posted the fire of her acting not only in Bollywood film Raees.

ranbir kapoor mehira khan viral photo 2

According to the information about the leaked pictures, since the time both the actors were in New York, we can see in the viral image that both the actors smoke happily. Not only this, due to the wide spread of the image, it has also been claimed that the actors have a secret relationship with each other.

Ranbir Kapoor Mehra Khan Viral Photo 3

However, there was no reaction on the viral image of both the actors. Although this picture is quite old where Ranbir Kapoor’s late father Rishi Kapoor also made a statement, which also became the subject of much discussion. He had said that in relation to a picture of his son, the actor had clearly said that he is an actor, I can meet anyone.

Ranbir Kapoor Mehra Khan Viral Photo 4

Not only this, but he also said that he is single and can sit with anyone as per his wish. Although this thing has also been mentioned, if there was any kind of relationship between the two, then everyone would be familiar with it. At the same time, when Mira Khan was questioned about the viral pictures, she denied any relationship with Ranveer and called these things common.

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