Alia Bait told the secret of the bedroom, and publicly told how to spend fun in the bed with Ranbir


Bollywood actress Alia Bhan has been in discussion for some time about her marriage to Ranbir Kapoor. Many photos and videos of this couple’s wedding are becoming increasingly viral on social media. Due to which his fans love him very much. However, both the actors have definitely returned to work after marriage without taking a break. But still they come in the headlines every day with their personal life. Meanwhile, Alia’s favorite bed is still in news after her previous marriage. Any person should make different comments.

Let us tell you that his favorite bed position was revealed by Alia herself. Actually, Alia had interviewed Vogue before marriage. During which he was questioned about the position of his preferred bed. Alia replied that she likes the classic missionary attitude. At the same time, while explaining the reason behind it, he said that he was a very ordinary person. In such a situation, he loves this situation very much. After this statement of Alia, her fans were shocked. Along with this, he also asked many questions to the actress about whether she had physical relations with anyone before marriage.

At the same time, the dating actress said that if she gets such an opportunity till now, then she can choose someone between the age of 18 to 50 years. The answer would be a 50 year old man. Because he will have understanding and he will be able to handle relationships well. Alia’s statement also shocked people that the actress wanted to date someone much older than her.

Well, she talked about Alia’s emotional life, so she was in a relationship with Ranbir Kapoor for a long time. However, the two did not make their relationship official. Then some time ago both of them told everyone about their relationship. After this the couple finally decided to tie the knot. Fans are very much liking the pair of both. With which they bathe with love. Meanwhile, the couple will now be able to see their fans on screen as well. His every film Brahmastra is about to release. Which his fans are eagerly waiting for.


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