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Orphie reveals this big secret about Shraddha Kapoor in front of everyone, no one can believe – Gazab Fact

Famous small screen actress Orphie Javed has a large number of fans following. Fans are more obsessed with her than she represents the actress. Orphie is one of those actresses who used to be in the headlines every day. The actress is known for her unmatched sense of fashion. She was often seen roaming the streets of Mumbai in torn clothes. This time Orphie is in the news not for her dress but for something else.

Let us tell you that Orfi Javed is very active on social media. She keeps on sharing some great posts with her fans every day. Due to which his fans love him very much. Recently a video of him is spreading rapidly on the social networking site Instagram. The viral video has been shared from the official Instagram account of Phonepla. Which just got thousands of likes. Users are shown giving strong reactions to this video.

If you are talking about a viral video, then in the video Orphie is shown running out of a building. During this he was wearing a long black T-shirt. Along with this, he carried blue denim shorts. At the same time, Orphie was seen making a stylish pony tail with her hair. The actress walks out and says that Sharda Kapoor is inside. I wanted to meet him. But I didn’t get it. They are really in. Shraddha is very sweet and beautiful. Which fans like very much.

Recently one of these videos has gone viral for Orfee. In the widely circulated video, Orphie was wearing a white block outfit. This dress was attached to each other with a white thread. There were big pieces under this dress. that his underwear was visible. Because of this he was also trolled.

Let me tell you, this is not the first time that such a video has spread in Al-Awarami. Even before this his videos have spread. Had to troll. However, despite the trolling, Orphie keeps sharing her bold photos and videos.

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