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Poonam Pandey crossed the limit of insolence and started taking off all the clothes in front of everyone. — Gazab Fact

The number of fans watching lock app is increasing day by day. People are crazy about this show. Sixteen prominent personalities were brought in as prisoners on the show. To stay in this game, he has to tell the truth of his life in front of everyone. On the other hand, if these players do not do this, then throw them out of the game. To win this game, it is necessary to stay in the game. Fans love the exploits of the contestants who take part in this game. Users want to vote for these players and lead them to the end.

Let us tell you that these videos of the show went viral on the day. That everyone emotionally feels when they see it. Often these players also moistened the eyes of the host of the show, Kangana Ranaut with their reality. Seeing any of his fans, he is not able to stop his tears. At the same time, some of these videos of the program often keep spreading, because these contestants are seen having fun. But this time the video spreading so fast has blown everyone’s senses. Actually, in the viral video, Poonam Pandey was seen taking a bath in front of everyone in the show.

If you are talking about the viral video, then in the video Shivam Sharma makes a mood to shower in front of the camera installed in the yard. Shivam then drops the trousers, takes off everything and starts taking a bath. After this, Bonam Pandey and Sayesha pull his leg and say that he needs to bathe in his trousers. After this Shivam also takes off his pants. Seeing Shivam taking a bath like this, Bonum doesn’t get rid of it, as she plans to take a bath without clothes on. After this, Bonum takes off all the clothes except the clothes below and starts bathing in front of everyone. Which fans like very much.

Let us tell you that seeing Bonam doing this, Manor says that he cannot go out, as his fast is on. They won’t be able to see it all. At the same time, other contestants also see Bonum doing this and say something or the other. Sitting opposite Bonum, a contestant on the show is seen hiding her face in shame. Seeing Anjali Arora’s expressions, she too is not satisfied at all seeing Bonam doing the same.

Please tell that due to this process of Poonam, its video makers have not posted. When he sees her doing this, the other contestants say that the filmmaker will give her the trophy a month in advance and end the show.

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