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Kajol’s mother criticized Dharmendra for doing the wrong thing while intoxicated, saying, “Shameless, I know your wife and you…”

The world of Bollywood resembles an onion peel, and the deeper it goes, the more layers it gets. The behind-the-scenes stories of the people who appear behind the scenes are often different. These stories bring true faces to those whom people till now consider their heroes. Such is the story of Kajol Tanuga’s mother, who was born on September 23, 1943. In other ways, this sadbath actress is now 78 years old. Today she will tell you a strong story about them. The story revolves around Tanoga and star Dharmendra, who created a stir in the Indian film industry in the 60s and 70s.

It should be noted that this is the time when both of them were at the height of their careers in the industry. Both had also received a lot of love from the audience, so both were also a part of many films together. After working together in films like ‘Chand Aur Sooraj’, ‘Bahrain Phir Aayegi’, ‘Izzat’ and ‘Do Chor’, the two had a very friendly demeanor. But once a drunk Darmendra did such an act with Tanoga that not only did his cheek turn red, but he also had to listen a lot. Let’s know what is that story‚Ķ

So to know this story we have to go back to 1965, where “Chand Aur Sooraj” is filmed. There was a comfort zone between the two by doing many films together, both used to drink and have a lot of fun together. Even Tanoga had good relations with the Dharmendra family. He also met his wife Prakash and their children. The two were often seen chatting and having fun at the filming sites too. But one day Darmendra’s luck was shaken and he started trying to flirt with Tanoga.

Tanoga was stunned by the sudden change in Dharmendra. She kept telling the actor about her limitations, but Darmendra didn’t notice anything while intoxicated. So Tanuga slashed a loud succulent on Darmendra’s cheek. Meanwhile, he also added: “Shamelessly, I know your wife and you have a lot of courage to flirt with me. However, Dharmendra later realized his mistake, apologized to Tanoga and said: “Tano, mother, I beg your pardon. Make me your brother Tanuja then tied a black thread on Darmendra’s wrist and made him his brother.

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