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Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter Pooja Khan wanted to become the wife of the daughter of the family, but the dream could not be fulfilled because of Salman.

Bollywood actress Pooja B by a large number of fans. Fans are crazy about her beauty. Pooja Be Bite was the Best Actress in the 90s. But now he has distanced himself from films. Let us tell you that there have always been discussions about their relationship more than actress films. The actress was in a relationship with many people. One of these names is the brother of famous actor Salman Khan Suhail Khan. Recently they have been revealed.

Let us tell you that Pooja B is one of those actresses who have been in the headlines every day. Pooja has been in the news for some time due to the marriage of her sister Alia Bat and Ranbir Kapoor. In the last few days, many of his pictures have also spread. But this time there is a wider revelation. In the viral revelation, Pooja Bhat opened up about her relationship with Suhail Khan. It is being discussed a lot among the fans at this time. Let me tell you, there was number 36 between Pooja and Salman. The actress and Salman were very angry with each other for some reason.

Pooja B did through this disclosure in 1995. She said that she loves Suhail’s family very much. He was very comfortable with them. He saw himself in that house. At the same time, Suhail’s family never treated him as a guest, but kept him as a member of the family.

“He loved me and everything I had and am still where I am because of him. The actress said that she loves Salim, Arbaaz and Alvira Khan very much. Suhail’s mother also behaved well. Although he said that for some reason there was a lot of discussion between him and Salman, but now he is fine and he is a good friend.

Pooja says that everything is fine, and she will also marry Suhail. But he asked for 2 years for his first career. The relationship between the two was based on respect, peace and dissent. Both loved each other very much. But the relationship between the two did not last long and Suhail married Seema Khan in 1998. Meanwhile, Pooja Bhat also married businessman Manish Makhija in 2004. But both did not marry much and Pooja got divorced in 2011.

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