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Vicky Kaushal’s wife had to go late at night with Salman’s bodyguard, this was the big reason

Today the entire Bollywood knows Vicky Kaushal and everyone likes him very much. This is because today Vicky Kaushal has become a big actor of Bollywood and all of his people are very much liked by the people as well. Vicky Kaushal started his film career in the year 2015 itself, but he got real recognition in Bollywood with the film Poori which came in the year 2019. After the film Uri, Vicky Kaushal dominated Bollywood and today we all know how big an actor he has become.

Currently, Vicky Kaushal is very much in the social media due to his wife Katrina Kaif and is making headlines. This is because recently it has come to light that Vicky’s wife Katrina had to go with Salman Khan’s bodyguard late at night even without wanting to. Yes, this news is absolutely true and after all, why Katrina had to do this even if she did not want to, will tell you about it further in the article.

Katrina had to go without permission with Salman’s bodyguard, this is the big reason

We all have an idea of ​​how big and famous Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif is. This is because today Katrina Kaif is one of the most liked actresses of Bollywood. Today everyone is crazy about Katrina’s beauty and her acting and it can be gauged from this that Katrina Kaif has millions, not millions but billions of followers on her social media. This shows how many fans of Katrina Kaif are in today’s time.

Currently, Katrina is making a lot of headlines in social media and is also very much dominated and this is because recently an anecdote of her life has come to the fore in social media. The anecdote is that recently it has been learned that Katrina Kaif had to come late at night even though she did not want to be with Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera. Even if Katrina refused, Salman Khan used to forcefully send her along with her bodyguard. There is also a solid reason behind why Salman used to do this, which will tell you further in the article.

Salman used to send Katrina to late night with bodyguard Shera, even though she didn’t, Katrina had to go this is the reason

Recently, an anecdote from the life of Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan has spread very fast in social media and that is that it has come to know that when Katrina Kaif used to go to Salman Khan’s house, Salman along with his bodyguard Shera delayed Katrina. They used to send forcibly at night. Let us tell you that Salman Khan used to do this only for the safety of Katrina. When Katrina is in Salman’s house for some work, then for some reason she used to come and go late at night, if Katrina does not have any problem, then Salman used to send Katrina along with Shera to his house. Katrina had also refused that I would go home on my own, but still Salman used to get Katrina along with Shera to reach her house safely.

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