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Choreographer Terence Lewis finally breaks silence, reveals the whole truth of his relationship with Nora

Bollywood actress and dancer Nora Fatihi has a large number of fans following. Fans are crazy about his acting. Nora won the hearts of millions of people with her best dance. The actress started her career by dancing. She has worked as a dancer in many films. Fans love his dance style very much. Recently their identity has gone viral. Because of this, it is discussed everywhere. Fans are very much liking this revelation.

Let me tell you, Nora has been in the headlines for a long time. Photos and videos of his latest photo shoots are extensive. But this time their detection is wider. The viral was detected by none other than well-known dancer Terence Lewis. Let us tell you that the chemistry of Nora and Terence is excellent in the reality show. The actors look close to each other. On stage too, both of them performed together several times. At the same time, both are sitting on the bench of the judge, and are seen talking to each other lovingly. After that, news was spreading everywhere about Terence and Nora in a relationship.

Dancer Terence Lewis then spoke about his relationship with Nora. He added that though they dance with each other and admire each other’s company. But there is nothing between them that he and Nora are in a relationship. Nora told that Nora is his very best friend. Because of that, they often joke with him.

Terence also said that Nora is a very nice girl. Also he is very hardworking. They work hard to achieve their goals. Nora gives a lot of positive emotions. What comes to Nora’s mind, she speaks. They are pure hearted. Let us tell you that there were times during the show, when Nora said anything without thinking and then realized that she had said wrong. But then Nora says that she has spoken now. Saying a lot, they avoid talking.

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