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Not a man, but a woman, Rekha’s partner actress Gethani revealed, there is a relationship between the two for 34 years

People are still convinced of the beauty of Reka, who ruled thousands of hearts together with her style. Apart from her acting, Rekha was also in the news due to the complications in her personal life. Even today, the news about his personal life is creating panic. Today Rekha has crossed the 66-year-old stage, but many new age actresses still suck water in front of the beauty of the actress. Rekha had affair with many actors of the industry. But the issue we will mention today is related to him and his secretary. You must have seen this woman walking behind you in many pictures of Rekha. So let’s know about this woman-

The name of his secretary, who lives together like a shadow like Rekha, is Farzana. Ahambia Farzana is the highest among all the people close to her in the life of the actress. Farzana has been working with Rekha for 34 years and has been managing all the businesses of Rekha for more than three decades. So far many news have come out about the relationship of both. But so far no statement has been issued from either side on this issue, so the issue remains a mystery.

It should be noted that wherever there is a line, Farzana is always with them. He has written many things about the relationship between the two in different ways in the media, in books and through articles. However, no one is able to tell what the relationship is as of now. Once Githani had raised a finger regarding Rekha and Farzana’s relationship, which was also very much discussed at that time.

Let us tell you that Rekha married businessman Mukesh Aggarwal in 1990. But within a few months of marriage, their relationship started deteriorating and within six months of marriage, both of them separated. Reka Mukesh Aggarwal’s husband ended his life in his farm house just 6 months after the breakup by suspending actress Dubta. The needles of suspicion were with Rekha and Farzana after her husband suddenly left the world. But soon things calmed down.

After the departure of Mukesh Aggarwal, the businessman’s sister-in-law Gethani Rekha spoke openly about Farzana and Reza’s relationship for the first time. “When Rekha used to visit Delhi family, we were having fun together,” said Gethani of Rekha. But this will happen only when the actress is single, if she has to get married then nothing like this will happen. “Something different was going on between Rekha and Farzana,” Rekha’s sister-in-law said in a statement. Being friends or sisters is totally different, but Rekha and Farzana’s behavior was not the same. Reka and Farzana’s relationship was similar to that of husband and wife. I saw everything with my own eyes. ,

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