Sara’s parents used to speak in front of the child, it used to have a bad effect on the girl Sara


Bollywood is such an industry in which some famous Bollywood stars come in the headlines every day and everyone starts talking about them. Something similar has happened recently because Saif Ali Khan, who is considered to be the Nawab of Bollywood, and his entire family remains in the headlines. For this reason only his talk is happening everywhere. The reason for this is none other than Saif’s daughter Sara Ali Khan. This is because Sara Ali Khan has exposed the truth of her parents to the people that how her childhood has passed in view of the wrong actions of her parents. Sara Ali Khan has told that she has seen a lot in childhood which no one can even think of. Sara Ali Khan told about her father that he used a lot of wrong words which Sara did not like at all and at the same time she also told the truth of her mother that how she told her mother Used to do wrong things and Sara caught him red handed.

Sara Ali Khan’s mother does this wrong thing, Sara herself told

Sara Ali Khan has become a big actress of Bollywood. These days Sara Ali Khan is dominated on social media. This is because Sara has made such a statement a while back, due to which her father Saif Ali Khan and her mother Amrita Singh have remained the subject of much discussion. Sara Ali Khan has shared a story of her childhood with the people, in which she tells that she used to watch wrong movies to her mother Amrita Singh and along with this, Sara Ali Khan also told about her father that she was very Used to speak abusive words. Due to which Sara Ali Khan stopped talking to her parents.

Sara’s father uses abusive words in front of daughter

Whatever Sara Ali Khan has said for her father and mother is her childhood memory. This is because Sara Ali Khan did not understand right and wrong. Let us tell you that when Sara Ali Khan was young, she saw a film of her father, which was named Omkara. In this film, Saif Ali Khan was in the role of Villain, due to which he had to use wrong words but Sara Ali Khan understood it to be true. This is exactly what Sara Ali Khan understood for her mother Amrita because Amrita is seen watching wrong movies in a scene in the film Kalyug and this is what Sara Ali Khan understood as the truth and Sara Ali’s parents were in her childhood. A wrong image was created in Khan’s heart.


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