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This man had done wrong with Rekha, Rekha’s 15-year-old girl had to bear all this despite not wanting

In today’s time of Rekha, the entire Bollywood knows and everyone likes her very much and also gives her full respect and respect. Rekha is a very big Bollywood actress and she has worked in many films in her Bollywood career. All the films that Rekha has worked in her career, all these films performed very well at the box office and people also liked it very much. This is the reason that today Rekha has become such a big Bollywood actress and everyone likes her so much.

At present, Rekha is dominated on social media and is also getting a lot of headlines in the media. This is because recently an untold story of Rekha’s life has come to the fore, which Rekha herself has presented in front of everyone. Rekha told about her unheard story that when Rekha was 15 years old, a man had done wrong things with her and Rekha had to bear all this unwillingly. Will tell and tell why Rekha had to bear all this despite not wanting to.

This man had done wrong things with Rekha, even in age, Rekha was not able to stop the man

In today’s time, there will hardly be any person who does not know Rekha and will not be her fan. This is because today Rekha is a very big Bollywood actress and Rekha has given so many superhit films to Bollywood in her career that today she has a huge name in the whole Bollywood and is very much liked by the whole country and all the people. Recently, Rekha has presented an anecdote of her life in front of the world, due to which she has also dominated the media.

Rekha told that when she was 15 years old, a man tried to do wrong with her and no one standing there even helped her. The man who did the wrong thing with Rekha is Vishwajeet and he has been a Bollywood actor. Rekha told that all this happened to her during the shooting of her first film and the name of her first film was Do Shikari. Next, we will tell you that when all this was happening with Rekha, then why did no one help her, why did Rekha never want to have to endure all this.

Wrong work was done with Rekha at a young age, because of this, she could not stop, despite all this with herself

After reading the article so far, you all have understood that recently Rekha has told an anecdote of her life in her autobiography, in which she told that when Rekha was shooting for her first film Do Shikari, an actor accompanied her. Whose name is Vishwajeet had tried to do wrong.

What actually happened was that Rekha and Vishwajeet had to shoot a romantic scene and Rekha was not told about it earlier. Due to which Rekha had to do this scene even without wanting to do it and she could not stop all this.

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