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Anil Kapoor’s big statement about Shilpa Shetty, said – the actress married a divorced man Raj Kundra for money – Gazab Fact

Bollywood industry actress Shilpa Shetty has a large number of following fans. Fans are crazy about his acting. The actress worked in more than one film. In which he appeared with many great artists. Looking at Shilpa, her real age cannot be guessed. The actress kept herself quite. Shilpa has made her place in the hearts of crores with her representation and fitness. Recently a video of him has gone viral. When you hear those fans who can’t hold their laughter.

Let us tell you that Shilpa Shetty’s name is included in the representatives of the Bollywood industry, who often remain the subject of debate for one reason or the other. It is the same this time as well. When one of his videos is widespread. It is to be noted that old videos of movie stars keep circulating every day. Where sometimes some revelations also happen. However, no disclosure has been made in this video. The actress was accompanied by Farah Khan and Anil Kapoor in the extensive video. Anil Kapoor answered Farah’s questions in a more witty manner.

Talking about the viral video, Shilpa and Anil have reached Farah Khan’s program. Farah asks Shilpa why she likes Raj Kundra. Anil Kapoor says that before talking anything to Shilpa, because Raj had money and he spread the money. Where everyone starts laughing. After this Shilpa says that yes, weapons have also been deployed. Anil Kapoor then says that he had no money in his arms. Fans can’t stop laughing as they listen to his answers. Farah Khan then asks Anil Kapoor how Sonita was upset with you. You don’t even have money. Which the actor says, because Sonita had money. This video is awesome.

For your information, let us tell you that Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra met during a business deal. Seeing Raj, Shilpa’s heart came to her. But later when she came to know that Raj is married, her heart broke. But the actress did not even know that Raj would soon get divorced from his wife. After this the two met often and became friends. Later their friendship turned into love and both of them married each other.

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