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Director was looking to make Prithviraj for 18 years, Akshay Kumar did this work in a moment – Gazab Fact

Most of the movies in India are made in the country. The day they come here, some of the best movies are released to entertain the fans. This time also something similar happened. As you all know, the trailer of this film is released even before the release of the film. Recently one of these trailers has been released. Which on one hand surprised everyone, on the other hand people do not like the trailer in any particular way. After the release of the YouTube trailer, it started getting millions of views in a short time. This trailer is not for any other film but from the most awaited film Prithviraj.

Let me tell you, it has been 22 hours since the trailer was released. Along with this, people also made interactive videos on it. The movie “Prithviraj” is named after Dr. It is directed by Chandrabrakash Duivedi. At the same time, if we are talking about the trailer of the film, then find the voiceover of G Dwivedi at the beginning of the trailer. At the same time, soldiers are displayed after showing a glimpse of the state. They are seen as waging war. Akshay Kumar has entered. The actor will be seen in the lead role in this film i.e. Prithvi Raj Chauhan. The film will feature Akshay with Sonu Sood as his friend, Sanjay Dutt as his uncle Kanh.

Also, the film’s lead actress, Manoshi Chillard, will be playing the role of Prithvi’s girlfriend Raj Sanyogita. who later became his wife. Sanyogita is the daughter of King Jaychand Rathore of Kanuj. Jaisand does not marry his daughter to Prithviraj because of his rejection of Prithviraj. Both love each other’s pictures and accept each other as husband and wife. Even in the presence of Sanyogita, Jaichand does not call Prithvi and makes him a fetish and puts the door instead of the gatekeeper. After this Sanyogita starts wearing a necklace for this idol. Then Prithvi comes there and takes them with him wearing a necklace. The trailer gave both of them a good time in front of the screen together.

According to media reports, the film can be made in two parts. The love for Prithvi Raj and Sanyogita will be shown. So in the second part, he fought two battles with Mohammad Ghori. Prithvi Raj’s victory and his defeat are also clearly visible in one. Also it shows how Prithvi defeats Raj Mohammad Guri. Please tell that the director and doctor of the film. Chandrabrakash Duivedi wanted to make this film for 18 years.

Then he got a chance and made this film at a cost of 300 crores. But Akshay is not popular in the film. It is said that Akshay Kumar is more visible in the film than Prithvi Raj. Nor did he like his dialogue.

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