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Bollywood’s Anna Suniel Shetty took a jibe at Mahesh Babu, saying – Father will always be father

Bollywood is a huge film industry. There is more than one best and legendary artist in the industry. Fans like these artists very much. But for some time, South Cinema is seen making the audience crazy. For some time, more than one film of southern cinema has been released. Which the fans liked very much. On the other hand, Bollywood movies have been making a splash for some time now. Meanwhile, Mahesh Babu, the famous representative of Southern cinema, made a statement. He said that people in Bollywood will not be able to accept it. The handsome statement on which has come out is Sunil Shetty.

Actor Suniel Shetty said that all this controversy is happening because of social media. All these things are promoted on social media. This controversy arose. In movies, language may be important, but on OTT platforms, language doesn’t matter. Only the content and story matter. We are Indians and we should not fight in such things. “I’m also from the south. But I was in Mumbai for a long time, so I became from Mumbai. I am a Mumbai car and I will always be like that. The actor said that it is up to the audience which films they should and should not watch. ,

Suniel Shetty also said that at the moment producers forget the audience. They forget how their films reach people. Then what he said made a lot of headlines. Suniel Shetty said that he has spoken to many producers. Who said that whether it is cinema or OTT, a father, father, father and the rest of the family live separately. Fans are very fond of this statement of his. At the same time, users react strongly to this statement.

The actor then went on to say that in today’s time, in movies, a lot of screen time is given to Mar Dad, moving at high speed, slow motion, etc. It should be reduced. All these scenes are liked by some percentage of people. At the same time, 70 percent people whistle in Bollywood films after seeing the acting and story. He said that whenever there was talk of India, there was a label of Bollywood. At the same time, he said that we should always focus on our content and not on anything.

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