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The love bites of these Bollywood celebrities could not hide from the media, had to be ashamed in the whole gathering

There are many Bollywood stars who want to keep their personal life private in front of the media and often remain silent about the questions about their personal life. At the same time, many celebrities avoid discussing their relationship in front of the media. But sir, it’s not a camera, it’s something that captures secrets that people don’t want to say. Something similar happened with these stars, who were unable to get rid of the effects of the night colors on their bodies. These were captured in the camera, so let’s know which stars’ love bites created panic in Mavil.

First of all, let’s talk about Katrina Kifi, who is included in the list of most beautiful actresses of Bollywood. This picture of Katrina is from the time when she was in a relationship with Ranbir Kapoor. I think there is enough information about this.

This image of Saif and this mark on his body is a testament to why super-couple Saif and Kareena excelled in Bollywood.

Sharokhan Priyanka’s alleged relationship once created a sensation in the media, and fans wanted more gossip about the relationship. But all we got was that there were signs of love bite on SRK’s neck.

Then Hickey cut off a finger which almost went viral in no time. Who gave it, it was an answer we all want to know. Isn’t it?

Who dares to give hickey to sallo bhai? Self-acclaimed virgin, Salman Khan, has always been in news, be it his controversial affair or his alleged affair with newcomers to B-town. Who is Hickey now?

Bollywood actress Kangana, whose fans these days have reached an unimaginable level. She has always been quiet about her relationships and personal life, and so even before she asked the question of who gave her the bite of love, sorry to say, but don’t bother asking!

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