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Kapil Sharma became the daughter-in-law of this man, this is the big reason – Gazab Fact

In the present time, Kapil Sharma has become a very big and famous personality. This is because in today’s time Kapil Sharma has become India’s biggest comedian and not a common man. Kapil is also called the comedy king of India. This is the reason why many people know and like Kapil of today’s time. If we speak in other words, today Kapil Sharma has become such a big personality that today millions of crores of people like Kapil very much. The Kapil Sharma Show has a huge hand in taking Kapil to such a big stage. This is because at present Kapil hosts The Kapil Sharma Show. Recently, Kapil Sharma is becoming very much on social media, this is because some videos of Kapil are going viral, from which it is known that Kapil Sharma is the daughter-in-law of the man. Who is the man whose Kapil Sharma became a lot and will tell you about this in the article.

Kapil Sharma is a lot of this man, pictures are proving it

Everyone knows Kapi Sharma in today’s time. This is because Kapil Sharma is the biggest comedian of India today. Due to which crores of people are fans of Kapil today and also like Kapil very much. Due to which whenever any news related to Kapil comes, it spreads rapidly on social media. Something similar is happening recently. Recently some old videos of Kapil Sharma are going viral from which it is being revealed that Kapil is the daughter-in-law of an army. Yes, this is absolutely true and there is evidence for this on social media. Let us tell you that the man whose daughter-in-law is Kapil Sharma is none other than the famous actor of Boliye, Vicky Oberoi. Further in this article, we will tell you when and why India’s biggest comedy king Kapil Sharma became Vivek Oberoi’s lot.

Because of this, Kapil Vivek’s daughter-in-law was made, see photos

After reading the article so far, you all have understood that Kapil Sharma is the daughter-in-law of a man and that man is none other than Bollywood’s famous superstar Vicky Oberoi. Actually something happened that Riteish Deshmukh, Vivek Oberoi and Aftab Shivdasani, all three of them came on the Kapil Sharma Show to promote their film Great Grand Masti. At the same time, Kapil Sharma had become a lot of Vivek Oberoi in the game of jokes and Vivek Oberoi also became Kapil’s mother-in-law. This is the reason that it is being said that Kapil Sharma had become the daughter-in-law of the famous Bollywood actor Vivek Aabru. Due to which Kapil Sharma is dominated on social media in the present time and he is being talked about everywhere.

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