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My life was ruined by this… — Gazab Fact

Famous actress Bhagyashree of Bollywood industry has a large number of fans. Fans are crazy about her beauty. Bhagyashree has not made many films. But he did wonders in his films. To this day, his films are as impressive as they were when they were released. The actress made her mark in the hearts of crores from the people she represented. Recently, one of the revelations he has made is going viral. Fans are quite surprised to hear this.

Let us tell you that actress Bhagyashree has continued to move ahead with her career with very small breaks. Recently she was seen in the movie “Radhe-Shyam” as the mother of star Prabhas. In which he behaved astonishingly. The actress down in the limelight. Sometimes Bhagyashree remains in the discussion because of her pictures and sometimes because of her videos. But this time the reason he is in the news is a revelation. Recently he disclosed this. She was seen talking about her kissing scene.

The most famous film of all time, Min Pierre Kiya is still being liked by the people. Fans remember many songs and dialogues of the film. Many romantic scenes have also been displayed in the film. Which users like very much. All the romantic and kissing scenes shown in this film are very iconic. At the same time, Bhagyashree told herself about the hard work behind filming these scenes. The actress told that once she started crying.

Please tell that Bhagyashari and Salman Khan made their debut with this film. During this time the age of the actress was only 18 years. When she was told in the film that she had to give a kissing scene, Bhagyashree started crying. Actually, during that time she loved her boyfriend very much. Later he was also going to get married. While giving kissing scene, Salman had to approach and kiss. Because of that Bhagyashree was not ready at all. That the glass was ordered and placed before them. After this this kissing scene was recorded for both of them.

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