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Rekha was a well-known actress of her time. He is still appreciated by the people for his acting. Newcomers of Bollywood take inspiration from Rekha. At the same time, as much as Rekha was in the news due to her professional life, her personal life was also the reason for the headlines. Meanwhile, recently a thing related to him is coming out. In which it is being said that because Rekha shot very intimate scenes with actor Om Puri. For this reason, Rekha could not get married till date. What is this whole matter, today we are going to tell you in this article.

Let us inform that Ompuri and Rekha gave many bold scenes in the 1997 release ‘Confidence: In the Prison of Spring’. In which Rekha played the role of a body trade woman. While Om Puri was in the role of her husband Amar. During this, both were seen to be quite cozy with each other. However, at that time such bold scenes were not shown on the screen. Also the society did not like such films. But despite this, the work of both the actors in the film was well-liked.

However, some people raised questions about the two filming the scene. Along with this, fingers started rising on the character of both. At the same time, Om Puri’s wife made a shocking disclosure related to the actor in her book ‘Extraordinary Hero Ompuri’. In which he told that at the age of 14, Ompuri was in a relationship with a 55-year-old woman. After this thing came to the fore, Ompuri was questioned on this. On which he said, you tell me whether she is a 55-year-old woman or a 14-year-old child.

Let us tell you that those intimate video clips of Rekha and Ompuri continue to go viral on the internet even today. Regarding which people say that because of this Rekha could not get married. However, there is no truth in this. Rekha married businessman Mukesh Aggarwal in 1990 even before this film came out. But after 7 months of marriage, Mukesh himself took his own life and said goodbye to this world. Since then Rekha is single.


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