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Salman’s sister-in-law showed her attitude as soon as she separated from husband Sohail, did this work first

The fan following of Sohail Khan, the dashing actor of the film industry, is very high. Sohail is a very well known artist who has done many films. But now he has distanced himself from films. Sohail Khan has been in the headlines for a long time now. Actually, he got divorced with his wife Seema Khan in the past. At the same time, Seema has done something similar recently. Which is being discussed everywhere. Users are also quite surprised by his move.

Let us inform that Sohail Khan and Seema Khan had filed for divorce on 13 May. Accepting this, the family court decided to separate the two and both of them got divorced. Both the actors also have two children. After getting divorced, both the actors looked a bit disappointed. At the same time, now taking a big step, Seema Khan has made it clear to her fans that nothing good can happen between her and Sohail. Fans are also supporting him a lot while respecting his move.

Actually, both the actors have separated after getting divorced. That’s why Seema Khan has changed her username on her official Instagram account. Till marriage, he had maintained an Instagram account in the name of Seema Khan. At the same time, after separating from Sohail, the actress has changed her username from Seema Khan to Seema Kiran Sachdeh. Along with this, he has also shared a story. In which he wrote that the one who had to go went, how did he go. There is no need to think about it, you just have to have faith in this thing. Which makes it clear that nothing can go right between Seema and Sohail.

Let us tell you that Seema Kiran Sachdeh has worked in some Bollywood films. But due to lack of success, he chose fashion designing following his passion. Due to which in today’s time, she designs the clothes of many big actresses. On the other hand, if the fans want to know about the relationship of Seema and Sohail, then let us tell you that according to media reports, both the actors had run away and married because the families of both were not ready for marriage. But then both of them were married with the consent of the family members. This marriage of both took place in the year 1988 and in the year 2022 this relationship broke up.

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