Wrong thing is used in Shahrukh Khan’s house party, this girl told the real truth of Shahrukh Khan


There are parties in Bollywood every day, due to which everyone always keeps talking about them. The reason for this is that even the smallest thing happens in Bollywood, then it gets discussed all over the social media. In Bollywood, when a big superstar or a famous actor gives a party, then everyone wants to attend that party because Bollywood parties are considered to be the best party in which all kinds of world’s comforts are available. One such party is of Shahrukh Khan, who is considered the King Khan of Bollywood. For the party that Shahrukh Khan gives, it is said that this is the best party and nothing can be better than this. In the party that Shahrukh Khan gives, all the big and famous people attend and put four moons in the party. Recently, a girl has said something like this for Shahrukh Khan’s party, due to which Shahrukh Khan remains in the headlines among all the people. The girl says that wrong things are used in Shahrukh’s party, which is banned by the Government of India. Next in this article, we will tell you who is that girl, and what is used from Shahrukh’s party which is banned by the Government of India.

The use of things banned by the government in Shahrukh’s party, this girl told the truth

Recently, an unseen and unheard news of Shahrukh Khan, who is considered the King Khan of Bollywood, is coming out, in which it is being revealed that things banned by the government are used in Shahrukh Khan’s parties. Due to this, Shahrukh Khan is dominated on social media in today’s time. The truth of this party of Shahrukh Khan has been told by none other than the famous model named Sherlyn Chopra. Sherlyn Chopra in this statement is about the truth of Shahrukh Khan’s party and told how Shahrukh’s party uses wrong things. Sherlyn Chopra told that even though Shahrukh Khan may be a very big Bollywood actor and he is called the King of Bollywood, but such things are used in his party which is very harmful. This statement of Sherlyn Chopra has shocked everyone. Let us further tell you why Sherlyn Chopra spoke such a big deal for the party to be held at Shahrukh Khan’s house.

Shahrukh’s copy of this girl boils, all this happens in the party

Recently, Bollywood’s famous artist Sherlyn Chopra has spoken a lot against Shahrukh Khan. Something happened that Shahrukh Khan had gone to a party which he had given in the happiness of his IPL team Kolkata’s victory. Sherlyn Chopra also came to this party of Shahrukh Khan. Sherlyn Chopra told that she had gone to the hotel bathroom during the party. There the wife of some big people was standing in front of the glass and consuming wrong things. Sherlyn was surprised to see such antics. When it was told in Sherlyn Chopra when Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan was in jail.


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