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Anjali Arora trapped by making a strange statement on Sidhu Musewala, when the video went viral, people got angry

These days all kinds of videos are going viral on social media. If a song is liked by the users, then by making reels on it, people start dancing and many times due to doing so, they come in the eyes of the people. One such social media sensation is Anjali Arora who won the hearts of people by dancing to the song Kachcha Badam. People liked his dance moves so much that everyone started copying him.

Apart from this, more of his dancing videos came out which people liked very much. Not only this, Anjali was invited to Kangana Ranaut’s reality show Lock Up. During the show, she also remained in the discussion about the news of her relationship with standup comedian Munawwar Farooqui. Now recently she has given such a statement, after which she has once again come in the discussion.

Anjali is a social media star

The winner of the show was Munavwar Farooqui but Anjali Arora also stole a lot of limelight from the show. Now a video of her is going viral in which she is seen reacting to the passing of Punjabi singer and rapper Sidhu Musewala. However, during this time he said some such things which may anger the fans of both Sidhu and Anjali.

Recently, famous singer and rapper Sidhudh Musewala was fired upon, due to which he died. His departure is being mourned in the entertainment world. No one can believe that Sidhu left us all at a very young age. Now many actors from the entertainment world are mourning the passing of Sidhu in their own way. Recently, Anjali’s statement also came out on this.

This statement given on Sidhu

Actually Anjali recently returned after completing the shooting of one of her videos. During this, he was asked that – a big accident has happened, what would you like to say on this? In response to this, she said that – Baba keep Mehr, please do not fight and I do not want to say anything. Now this statement of Anjali is going viral on social media.

People believe that Anjali should not have said such things. Musewala’s father had told that his son was constantly being asked for ransom, so money may be the main reason for this incident that happened to him. In such a situation, the fans are angry about the fact that Anjali named this ransom fight. High level investigation is being done in this case. Everyone wants that those who do this with Sidhu Musewala should be punished severely.

Let us tell you that rapper Sidhu Musewala was just 28 years old. He was the owner of property worth crores. Many times he was also a victim of controversies due to his songs. However, thousands of crowd gathered on his last darshan and everyone bid him farewell with moist eyes.

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