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‘I can eat #$# to look young’, this famous model gave such a statement which created a ruckus

Many times the favorite actors of the audience also say such things, due to which a big controversy arises. Be it Bollywood actors or Hollywood celebrities, there are many celebs whose quirky things make the audience think. Talking about Hollywood artist Kim Kardashian, her name is bound to be taken in this subject. American reality show star and model Kim Kardashian is a big name in Hollywood. The entire Kardashian family remains in the discussion due to the controversy. Not only this, Kim is also very famous due to her body figure and fashion statement. She sometimes comes in front of people even wearing strange clothes, which seems quite surprising. Now recently, Kim has said such a thing about which she is being criticized everywhere.

Kim can also do this to look beautiful

Kim recently gave an interview to a channel. During this, she was asked many questions, one of which was the answer that what can she do to look young. On this, Kim said that – I will do anything. I can do anything to look young. If I have to eat feces every day to look young, then I don’t mind. Now his statement is creating a ruckus on social media.

People have found this statement of Kim very absurd. There is a lot of resentment among the people about his statement. People are criticizing Kim on social media and writing comments. One user wrote – Why do I feel that Kim has done this. One wrote – He seems to have lost his mind. At the same time, Kim’s fans have also felt bad about this. One fan wrote – Oh Kim, how much we love you but why do you talk like this.

Kim is dating Pete

Famous reality star Kim has always openly expressed her views. Kim was also in the news for her divorce from Kanye West. Kim is currently dating Pete Davidson since her divorce from Kanye. In an interview, Kim had said that her sex life has improved since she celebrated her 40th birthday. She had said that- I want to be happy in my life and always just say that happiness, peace be with everyone. Let us tell you that Kim and Kanye also have 4 children, but both are living their lives happily after separating.

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