Shahid married Mira Rajput, but was seen doing wrong in the room with Sania Mirza


Shahid Kapoor is known all over Bollywood in today’s time and in today’s time he has a very big name in entire Bollywood and also respects everyone a lot. This is because Shahid Kapoor is an old Bollywood actor and he has given many superhit films to Bollywood. Shahid Kapoor’s first film came in the year 2003 and his name was Ishq Vishk, after which Shahid dominated Bollywood and went on to give superhit films one after the other. Shahid married a girl named Mira Rajput in the year 2015 and in today’s time both of them are living their life very happily.

Shahid Kapoor has become the subject of a lot of discussion on social media these days and is making a lot of headlines. This is because recently, such a part of his personal life has become very viral on social media, due to which talks are being made everywhere about Shahid and his story. The anecdote is that Shahid Kapoor was once seen doing wrongdoing with Sania Mirza in a hotel room. Let us tell you about this story of Shahid Kapoor in detail in this article.

Shahid Kapoor was seen with Sania Mirza in the hotel room, was doing wrong

In today’s time, probably because how the booking would be done, Shahid would not have known Kapoor and would not have wanted him. This is because Shahid Kapoor is a big Bollywood actor and is very much liked by all the people. It is known to all that Shahid Kapoor married in the year 2015 and his wife’s name is Mira Rajput.

At present, Shahid Kapoor has been the subject of much discussion on social media due to his life’s one kiss and there is talk about him everywhere. The anecdote is that Shahid Kapoor was once seen doing wrongdoing with Sania Mirza in a hotel room. We all know Sania Mirza, what a great tennis player she is.

Shahid was doing wrong thing with Sania Mirza, waiter saw wrong doing

After reading the article so far, you all understood that in the present time Shahid Kapoor is a very big actor and water died, who is a very big tennis player of India, is becoming quite viral on social media. This is because recently an anecdote from the life of running has gone viral on social media, due to which it is being revealed that both were once seen doing wrong things in a hotel room. No one else has told about this but the waiter of the same hotel who was going to Shahid and Sania’s room for room service. Where he saw both of them doing wrong things and after that this news became viral very fast on social media.


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