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Remember these things to please the god of wealth, God’s grace will be on Kubera!

Everyone works hard day and night to get happiness and prosperity in life. There is a hurry to maintain happiness, prosperity and prosperity in the house. May the blessings of Maa Lakshmi be on him. But many times, even after a lot of hard work and hard work, a person does not get the place in life where he should be. In such a situation, a person can earn a lot of money by remembering the small things of the day.

In Hinduism, Lakshmi and Kuber, the goddess of wealth, are worshiped to get wealth. By taking care of some things regularly, Goddess Lakshmi and Kuber can get the grace of God. It is believed that Lord Kubera is pleased with the devotees and fulfills their wealth. They get every comfort in life. Live your life happily and prosperously. To please Lord Kuber, it is enough to take care of some small things. let’s find out

How to please Dhan Kuber Devi

Money should be kept in the south or south-west wall of the house, in the vault or in the cupboard or anywhere to seek the blessings of Kubera. By doing this, the grace of Lord Kubera will remain.

It is believed that to attract wealth, put a mirror in front of the vault. So that the image of the safe remains in the mirror. By doing this the income of the person increases.

It is said that one should not give or take any of his services for free. Be sure to pay a small fee after any work.

It is said that false and wrongly earned money never stays with a person. Always keep this in mind while doing any work in such a situation. Truth pays.

Donate a portion of your earnings every month to charity. By doing this, the blessings of Mother Lakshmi and Dhan Kuber are obtained. Along with this, happiness and prosperity remain in the life of the person.

Respect women in the country and abroad. Woman is considered to be a form of Lakshmi. And for disrespecting Lakshmi, mother Lakshmi gets angry.

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