Salman Khan ended the career of this actor because of Aishwarya, this is the big reason


We all know Aishwarya Rai in love today. This is because Aishwarya Rai is a very big and famous actress of Bollywood. Aishwarya Rai is one of those Bollywood actresses who are counted among the most beautiful actresses of Bollywood. Everyone was very fond of Aishwarya’s acting and beauty and still is today. This is the reason that even today the fan following of Aishwarya Rai has not decreased at all. There was a time when Aishwarya Rai’s love story was famous all over Bollywood. Aishwarya’s love story was discussed with Bollywood’s famous actor Salman Khan. At present, Aishwarya Rai is becoming very viral on social media. This is because it is learned that Salman Khan had ended the career of this Bollywood actor because of Aishwarya. Next in this article, we will tell you which actor Salman Khan ended his career because of Aishwarya and why.

Gaya actor’s career ended because of Aishwarya Rai, this is the actor

Salman Khan is a very big Bollywood personality in today’s time and today everyone is a fan of Salman. This is because Salman Khan has given a lot of superhit films to Bollywood. In today’s time, Salman Khan is also known as Bhaijaan of Bollywood. Today Salman is counted among the biggest stars of Bollywood. Salman Khan has achieved this position with his hard work and dedication. Recently, one such act of Salman Khan has come to know about which both he and Aishwarya Rai have become the subject of discussion on social media. This is because it is learned that Salman Khan had ended the career of a Bollywood actor. The actor whose career Salman ended was a well-known actor of his time and his name is Vivek Oberoi. Further in this article, we will tell you what was the reason why Salman ended Vivek’s career.

Salman had ended Vivek Oberoi’s career, because of this he did it

After reading the article so far, you all have understood that Salman Khan had ended the career of Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi and the reason for this is being told as Aishwarya Rai. This is because Salman loved Aishwarya very much. But when Aishwarya left Salman and went away, Salman’s heart was hurt a lot. After Salman separated, Aishwarya started dating Vivek Oberoi and this was not liked by Salman and he took such a step in anger and ended Vivek’s career by using his reach.

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