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This actress exposed Mahesh Bhatt’s black deeds, said

Famous Bollywood filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt remains in the headlines due to his films as well as controversies. Many actresses who worked with him have made many allegations against him. In which the names of actresses from India to Pakistan are included. Let us tell you that in the year 2005, Mahesh Bhatt gave a chance to Pakistani actress Meera in his film Nazar. At that time Meera was busy establishing herself in Bollywood.

So working with Mahesh Bhatt was a big deal for him. Meera’s film did not show any wonder at the box office. But after that his demand in Bollywood increased. After doing films with Mahesh Bhatt, Meera once made serious allegations against him. Meera had told how Mahesh Bhatt was harassing her by pressurizing her.

Do not work with other director

Let me tell you that I was known as a bold actress. He had no problem in doing bold and intimate scenes in front of the screen. Mahesh Bhatt wanted to take advantage of this in his films. He made Meera do many bold scenes in his film. After the release of the film, Mira’s demand in Bollywood kept increasing. But Mahesh Bhatt started having trouble with this. It is said that Mahesh Bhatt did not want Meera to do any film with any other director.

Whenever a director used to approach Meera, Mahesh Bhatt used to pressurize Meera not to sign the film. The matter had increased so much that Mahesh Bhatt had banned any director from meeting Meera.

Was slapped for meeting Subhash Ghai

Meera’s career graph was stalled because of Mahesh Bhatt. But once on the set, Mahesh Bhatt crossed the limit when director Subhash Ghai signed Meera in the film. As soon as Mahesh Bhatt came to know that Meera had signed his film with Subhash Bhai, he lost his cool. He slapped Meera in front of everyone on the set itself. After this incident, Meera never worked with Mahesh Bhatt again.

He even told all this to the media and said that Mahesh Bhatt used to harass him. Along with this, Meera also told that Mahesh Bhatt used to talk in front of everyone as his daughter. But no one knew how he used to pressurize him not to work with any other director. And when they protested, they used to beat them.

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