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When Sonakshi Sinha was called ‘Salman Khan’s spoon’, she said, ‘Who am I, what will you do?’

Sonakshi Sinha became synonymous with the Dabang girl after the catchphrase “Thappad se daro mat”. Sonakshi showed her dominance not only on screen but also on screen. Today when Sonakshi turns 35, let’s see if she can hit the trollers by reacting properly. Sonakshi left no stone unturned to deactivate her Twitter account, which has close to 16 million followers. Your negativity has never served me or my life, that’s why I raised a finger to get rid of the 16 million person I created in the last ten years. Just like that and I am so good at it,” she wrote on Instagram.

Sonakshi was targeted by trolls for failing to donate during covid crisis

Sonakshi had to face trolls for not donating during the Kovid crisis. A minute’s silence was observed for the trollers, who believe that it has not been announced, no contribution has been made. What if you heard that good pulses would come to the river? Some people actually follow! “Now calm down and use your Time 2 (announcement or not is a personal choice) to do something better,” she tweeted.

Sonakshi said that she has been getting trolled for years because of her weight.

The journey so far has not been easy for Sonakshi, who weighs 95 kg. Her weight often made her feel ashamed of her body. Let’s address the elephant in the room! I have been getting trolled for years because of my weight. I have never felt the need to reply as I have always considered myself to be #BiggerThanThem. But then I wondered if they were still on it after losing 30 kgs? Then I said, “Fuck them.” Because there is a reason for Sonakshi Sinha to come here. I made what I wanted and I have nothing to hide! I have no curves, no weights, and of course no images. I’m not a number on the scale and that’s why I’m bigger than them…pun intended.

During an interview, Sonakshi read lewd comments on her post. One user commented, “Sonakshi is Salman Khan’s biggest hangover.” Sonakshi replied, “Yes, but he gave me my first film.” Who is the chief, what will you guys do?” Sonakshi could not answer KBC’s question regarding Ramayana. During his AMA, a user jokingly asked, “Who brought the Sanjeevani boot? Please watch it on television and you will get all your answers.” “Bajrang Bali!

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