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Yuzvendra Chahal’s wife revealed the secret of the cricketer – Gazab Fact

Many pictures of friends Yuzvendra Chahal and his wife Dhanashree are going viral on social media at this time. This couple is looking very cute in these photos. Meanwhile, Yuzvendra Chahal has played one IPL match in which he has performed well. Apart from entertaining people with his speeches, Yuzvendra Chahal has won many matches for Team India in the past. Chahal is very famous for his funny style. Everyone likes his smile and together it makes people crazy. ,

Told Chahal’s first love

A similar scene was seen in a podcast hosted by Rajasthan Royals when Yuzvendra Chahal’s wife was asked about her laugh. In response to which Dhanashree said that her husband is a happy person whose smile is very beautiful and everyone laughs at his smile.

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Dhanashree also said that his first love is not cricket. Yuzvendra Chahal loves cricket the most and is an honest and happy person. Whenever he is with his companions, he always makes them laugh with his words and the atmosphere there is also pleasant.

Yuzvendra Chahal a magic bowler

Regarding cricket, Dhanashree said that she gets tensed while watching IPL or any match. Perhaps a fan may not have so much tension, but when someone goes to watch a match, tension is bound to happen. Because it turns out that people support their favorite team and when that team starts losing, they get tensed.

For your information, let us tell you that Yuzvendra Chahal is famous all over the world for his bowling. In the recent IPL match, he took 27 wickets in 17 matches on the strength of his bowling. No one can bowl like him, the way he bowls slow, the front wicket falls immediately.

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