Now it will be easy to reach AIIMS from Anisabad in Patna, 7 km long elevated road will be built from Anisabad to AIIMS.


Preparations are underway to build another elevated road in the capital Patna. Once this road is built, it will be easy for people to reach AIIMS Hospital. The elevated road from Anisabad to AIIMS is about 7 km long. For this the process of preparation of DPR has started. Once the DPR is prepared, it will be approved, after which the construction agency will be selected. After that the construction will start.

Let us tell you, people are facing heavy traffic at this time on their way from Anisabad to AIIMS. This also wastes people’s precious time. However, after the construction of this elevated road, it will be possible to go from Anisabad to AIIMS. Although the AIIMS Digha elevated corridor already exists, people living in the eastern part of Patna city take a long time to cross that route. According to sources, the road construction department was planning to build an elevated road from Anisabad to AIIMS. However, the matter has now been discussed with senior officials of the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

Please inform that the time limit for completion of this project was fixed at 3 years. Now seeing the importance of this project, the Road Construction Department has decided to work on it expeditiously. Additional Chief Secretary of Road Construction Department Pratyaya Amrit has asked the divisional officers and engineers to reconsider the entire work plan of the project and directed to complete it soon. He said that this project is very important for the city of Patna. So this will be worked on very fast.


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