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In the month of July, there will be a retrograde house of Saturn, the havoc of patience will start on these 2 zodiac signs, know what will be the result!

According to astrology, the change in the zodiac of any planet has an effect on the other 12 zodiac signs as well. On April 29, Saturn entered Aquarius. From the transit of Saturn, where the zodiac begins on certain signs. And some zodiac signs get rid of it. Saturn will move once again on 12th July. In such a situation, 2 zodiac signs will again come under the control of Saturn.

effect of saturn on zodiac signs

Shani had recently entered Aquarius on 29th April and also the people of Gemini and Libra got rid of Shani. And Cancer and Scorpio people have lost their patience. Now on July 12, once again Saturn will return. Also, these zodiac signs will get freedom from patience. Tell me, what is the story of their big puppies….. During this, Shani gives physical and mental pain to the person. On the other hand, Shani Dev gives the fruits of good deeds.

Patience will start on these zodiac signs

According to astrology, on July 12, Saturn will enter Capricorn in retrograde state. As soon as Saturn is in such a state, the people of Gemini and Libra will once again come to Saturn. They will have to face the evil eye of Saturn till January 17, 2023.

it will affect the zodiac

As soon as Saturn starts, the effect of Gemini and Libra will be on their career and business. In this case you may have to face failure. Some important work of the person may get stuck. There will be no good profit in business. There is also the possibility of some work going bad. It is believed that if a person’s deeds are good, then he will have to bear the wrath of Shani less.

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