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Pangbar Mohammad case: Naseeruddin Shah objected to the silence of the three Khans, said – I do not understand why…

Nupur Sharma, who was the spokesperson of the Bharatiya Janata Party, had made controversial remarks on Mohammad Prophet during a TV debate a few days ago. Violence erupted in Kanpur after his remarks. Not only this, apart from Indian Muslims, objections were raised to his statement in more than 12 countries. In such a situation, BJP suspended Nupur Sharma from the party. Now the opinion of veteran stars has also started coming on this matter.

Senior artist Naseeruddin Shah has rubbished the silence of Khan Stars on Nupur Sharma’s controversial remarks on Pangbar Mohammad. He has waited for the silence of the three Khans of the industry i.e. Shahrukh, Salman and Aamir on this controversy. He said that – I am not able to understand how these people would be able to understand their conscience.

Naseeruddin Shah raised objection

Recently, in an interview given to a channel, Naseeruddin Shah said about the three Khan superstars that- I do not speak about them. I am not in the position he is in. I think they must be thinking that if I say something then there will be a lot of risk but I do not understand how they must be explaining their conscience. Although I also understand that he is in a position where there is a fear of losing a lot if he speaks something.

Further Naseeruddin Shah said about Shahrukh in Aryan Khan case, what happened to Shahrukh Khan. The way he endured everything in silence is commendable. It was nothing but witch hunting. He kept his mouth shut. Anyone who opened his mouth got the answer. Raid was also cast on Sonu Sood.

Unequivocal opinion on these issues also

He further said that the next number can be mine. I don’t know whether it will happen or not but if something like this happens, they will not get anything from me. Not only did the actor stop at this, he also commented on the new trend of the film industry. He said that there are some people who want to look like a winner. The fictionalized experience of what happened to Kashmiri Hindus was depicted in The Kashmir Files. He said that the government is also promoting it. This is an atmosphere of patriotism.

Significantly, Naseeruddin Shah worked in Vivek Agnihotri’s film Tashkent Files. He said that I anticipate that more patriotic films will be released in the coming days. Let us tell you that whenever there has been any dispute in the country, there has always been silence from the side of Shahrukh and Salman. Many times Aamir Khan was also seen giving opinion on these issues but there was a dispute over his words. In such a situation, it can be assumed that all the three Khans have made up their mind to keep silence on any issue now. On the other hand, the issue of controversial remarks on Prophet Mohammad is increasing. It remains to be seen how long this matter settles down.

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