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This gemstone is very precious and gives instant results, this relationship must be respected to take full advantage of Sapphire!

Sapphire gemstone is worn to give strength to Shani in the horoscope, this gem is very expensive, yet many times its full benefit is not available, otherwise it is said that sapphire lifts a person up or down in the sky. . Drops also fall. There may be some specific reason why you are not getting the full benefit, it is not that you are neglecting a family relationship.

There is a provision to wear gems to give power to various planets in the horoscope, gems are also related to family relationships, so if a person is advised to wear any gem, then it should be related to the gem. It is also important to know. It is not that you have worn any gemstone somewhere and still you are not getting the benefit which you want. To get the most out of a gemstone, you need to value and respect your relationship with that gemstone. It should not be that you are wearing any gem, but you are unknowingly insulting the relationship with that gem. In this article we will talk about Sapphire and which planet is worn to please and which family or social relation Neelam is related to.

Sapphire is the gem of Shani Dev

The gross, subtle, heavy, consciousness, etc. elements of the body are in contact with different planets. Shani Dev is the principal deity of nature and the principal planet of the earth element, all things accessible to the senses come under him. Sapphire is the gem of Saturn. The rays of Saturn are blue and this rock is of the same colour.

amethyst flies in the sky

It is said that whoever puts fruit on the sapphire stone, it bears fruit immediately and gives many benefits. This fruit is said in such a way that it picks up the one who is adorned in the sky and throws it down the one who does not like it. Therefore special and extra care should be taken while wearing it. Sapphire is an expensive gemstone.

Shani is the god of justice, does not discriminate against anyone.

The deity of Sapphire is Shani. He is also called the god of justice, and does not take sides. While doing justice they do not consider the relation and the wrongdoer should be punished, that is why they are also called as magistrates. He does not hesitate to take punitive action while his father Surya is standing in court for justice. The scriptures say that he also saw his father Surya. There is an atmosphere of fear in the society only because of the punitive action taken against them. This is the reason why Shani is often feared, confusion is spread, but the reality is that Shani is just, punishes those who do wrong.

Saturn represents the servant of the family

Shani represents the servant of the family, the feet of the human body. That is why there is a system to touch the feet of elders, they should be served. His aim is to maintain humility in the individual. Shani is also the lord of the democratic system and also represents the common people. Sapphire is a priceless gem, the person wearing it should come in social service and respect the servants. If you ever get hurt on the way, don’t hesitate to serve him. Never interact with people at the station like porters, load rickshaw pullers, etc., if they ask for hard work and wages. If the autorickshaw driver has to drop you home, at least ask for water. In the olden days, the names of the servants were not taken, the people of the house used to call them as uncle-aunty, uncle-aunty, grandfather-grandmother, brother-sister etc.

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