Mahesh Bhatt’s black deeds exposed, ‘I used to be a girl by day and wife by night’

Famous Bollywood director Mahesh Bhatt is always in discussion about his films and his personal life. Many actresses who have worked with him have made many shocking revelations about him.

One of the actresses who made serious allegations against Mahesh Bhatt is a Pakistani actress. In 2005, Mahesh made the film Nazar. The main role in the film was played by Pakistani actress Meera. Actually this was the period when Meera was constantly struggling to establish herself in the industry. So working with a great director like Mahesh Bhatt was a big achievement for him.

Meera’s film did not do well at the box office, but it made her a household name in Bollywood. After working with Mahesh, Meera made many serious allegations against the famous director. He told the director how he was exploited.

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Meera had exposed Mahesh’s black antics and said that he is famous as a bold actress. I didn’t mind doing bold and intimate scenes in front of the screen. Mahesh Bhatt also wanted to take advantage of this in his films. Mahesh has given many bold scenes in his film about Meera. After this Meera’s demand in Bollywood started increasing but Mahesh Bhatt did not want Meera to work with any other director.

Whenever any other director approached Meera, Mahesh would pressurize Meera not to sign the film. The matter escalated so much that Mahesh Bhatt refused any director to meet Meera. Meera’s career was ruined by this behavior of Mahesh. But the extent was reached when Subhash Ghai signed Meera in his film and when Mahesh came to know that Meera had signed his film with Subhash Bhai, he got very angry. After this Mahesh reached the set of the film and slapped Meera in front of everyone. After this incident Meera stopped working with Mahesh Bhatt forever.

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Meera once said about Mahesh that when I acted in Bhatt’s film ‘Nazar’, he considered me as his daughter Pooja in front of the world and I would say single-handedly that I love you very much, I love you. . Apart from this, Meera revealed that Mahesh Bhatt used to talk like his daughter in front of everyone. But no one knew how he would pressurize me not to work with any other director and beat me up if I protested.

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