The Sun, the king of planets, will kiss the feet of the people of this zodiac for 30 days.

According to astrology, the Sun changes its zodiac in a month. Thus they transit all the 12 zodiac signs throughout the year. Tomorrow on June 15, 2022, Sun will enter Gemini. At present, the king of planets, Sun is in Taurus, whose lord is Venus. Sun is the significator of patience, success, self-confidence, prestige, health. The strong position of Sun brings a lot of progress and respect to the person in his/her career. Know for which zodiac sign it will be auspicious for the Sun to enter Gemini.


The transit of Sun will increase the income of Taurus people. They will also get the stalled money. Can get promotion or new job. The economic condition will remain strong. This is a very good time for people in the public sector. His work will be successful.

Leo sun sign

Sun is the lord of Leo zodiac. Sun sign change will give auspicious results for Leo sign people. They will get financial benefits. Yield will increase. The economic condition will be strong. Honor and respect will increase. You will get success in career. There is a possibility of getting promotion.


For Capricorns, the entry of Sun into Gemini will prove to be a boon in the field. You will be full of patience and confidence. With this you will be able to complete every task well. There will be economic benefits. The burden of old debt has come off. The disputed case will win.


The people of Aquarius zodiac will get auspicious results from the transit of the Sun. The search for a new job is over. Unemployed will get better opportunities. There will be an atmosphere of laughter and happiness in the family. Married life will be better. Overall this will be a good time.

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