Urfi Javed reveals the dark truth happening in Bigg Boss OTT! Said- sex at home for 2 hours


Bigg Boss TV Show is all set to see one or more new episodes in the near future. As we have already told you that in the last episode many things were going viral about Shamita Shetty and her boyfriend. The ninth twist is coming in Bigg Boss and fans are also experiencing it.

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This time Bigg Boss is hosting famous director Karan Johar. It has been more than 12 days since Bigg Boss started the year. Now the era of Contestant Animation has also started. The first contestant to exit Bigg Boss OTT was TV actress Urfi Javed. As soon as he came out of Bigg Boss, Urfi Javed waved a black flag on the black activities going on in Bigg Boss house.

Urfi Javed is very active on social media and at the same time she has exposed the black activities happening in Bigg Boss house.

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Recently a video of him is going viral which was not shown in the previous episode. This is a video of Javed aka Javed when he was a part of the show, in which he made many shocking revelations. In the video, Urfi Javed is shown claiming to have sex for 2 hours in the Bigg Boss OTT house.

Zeeshan gives a big blow to Urfi Javed Zeeshan Khan working in the show gives a big blow to Urfi Javed, when Zeeshan Khan suddenly left Urfi Javed, fired with Divya Aggarwal, Urfi Javed 45 minutes to avoid his elimination Till had to perform live in front of the audience. While speaking in front of the camera, Javed inadvertently said something which the producers immediately deleted from the video.

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This video has now surfaced on social media, after which there has been a lot of ruckus. I don’t know if you have been shown in this OTT house of Bigg Boss, but the camera is on sex. Then Prateek Sahajpal, stopping Urfi in the middle, says, is it really so?

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Responding to Prateek Sahajpal’s question, Urfi said, ‘Prateik was sleeping while having sex in the camera? Haven’t you seen the sex? Two monkeys were having sex here. I don’t know what the symbol was doing then. Hearing this joke of Urfi, Prateek also kills his head. After this video of Urfi, different reactions of people are coming on social media. While trolling Urfi, many people called his jokes cheap. Now this video of Urfi is going viral on social media.

Javed is currently out of the Bigg Boss show. Now it has to be seen what happens in the upcoming episodes.

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