When Nora Fatehi’s top slipped in front of the cross, the actress became a victim of an ops moment


Sometimes fashion and style overpower you and in such a situation, you have to face embarrassment in public because of your fashion and style. There are many such shameful tales in the world of Bollywood. There is also a case in this episode of Nora Fatehi, where Nora had to become a victim of Nora Fatehi ops moment because of her style and was also embarrassed in front of everyone on the set. This is the whole story, we tell you.

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Op moment on the sets of Bahubali

Nora is a very bold actress and dancer. She is often in the news due to her bold avatar. Its boldness and its ups and downs are often caught on camera, but the story we are telling you may not have been caught on camera, but the crew members on the sets are well aware of it and Many slabs of Bollywood have seen this. ,

Nora Fatehi Oops Moment

Nora Hui Ups Moment

This story is done during the promotion of Bahubali. Nora Fateh also fell victim to an oop moment during the shooting of the promotional song of the film Bahubali. Suddenly Nora’s top slipped in front of the entire crew members team. Although the film’s lead actress Tamannaah was smart in handling the situation, everyone present on the set saw the moment.

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At the same time, a report released by Mead Day said that Nora was a victim of a very embarrassing incident on the sets of SS Rajamouli’s superhit film Bahubali. According to the report, during the shooting of a part of the promotion song of Bahubali, Nora’s top suddenly slipped in front of the crew members.

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The same Khuda actress also confirmed this incident and said that – this was the most terrifying moment of her life and for this she will always be indebted to Tamanna.

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