Aamir Khan’s daughter Ayra Khan caught in trouble wearing a small dress, people are making lewd comments after seeing this mark on her feet


Aamir Khan, popularly known as Mr Perfectionist in the Bollywood industry, often remains in the headlines due to his daughter Ira Khan. Let us tell you that like other star kid, Ira Khan remains a topic of discussion every day. This time Ira remains in the headlines due to her pictures. Let us tell you that some pictures of Ira Khan are going viral on social media as usual. Due to which he is facing trolling. People are giving different reactions.

Let us tell you that Aamir Khan’s beloved Ira Khan has not yet stepped into the film industry. But still her popularity is not less than any actress. But sometimes this popularity becomes a threat to them. Please tell that a huge amount of people follow them. But sometimes Ira’s pictures become the subject of trolling for her. Recently some pictures on Instagram by paparazzi are going viral.

In which Ira is wearing a white crop top with white colored shorts. Along with this, he is also wearing a mask due to the epidemic. These pictures of him are simple. But Ira is being trolled because of her legs. It can be clearly seen in the pictures that three black dots are visible on Ira’s leg. Seeing this, people are making lewd comments.

Commenting on this picture of Ira, a user wrote that ‘How useless legs are’. At the same time, another wrote that ‘How did this mark, did anyone harm with cigarettes’. Apart from this, some people crossed the limit and wrote in the comment that ‘Look at his eyes, he is drunk’. Also another wrote that ‘Ira should get her treatment done’. Apart from all this, some people supporting Ira gave a befitting reply to these trollers and showed love for Ira in the comment section.

Let us inform that Ira had shared some pictures with her current boyfriend Nupur Shikre in the past. In which she was wearing the sari of her boyfriend Nupur Shikhar’s mother. During which she gave a cozy pose with boyfriend. Apart from this, pictures were also taken with Nupur’s mother. In which they were looking very cute. Fans reacted fiercely to his pictures.


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