After the death of the father in Madhubani, Bihar, the son built a bridge in the village instead of the funeral party, which ended the problems of the people.


After the death of his father in Madhubani district of Bihar, the boy did not perform the last rites but built a bridge in the village. About five lakh rupees were spent on the construction of the bridge. The matter is of Narar Panchayat’s Ward No. 2 Kaluahi Block Madhubani. People were very upset as there was no bridge in the village. Mahadev Jha, a resident of the village, had tried a lot to build the bridge. It was difficult for people to leave the village during the rainy season.

Seeing the suffering of the people, old Mahadev had dreamed of building a bridge. But in the meantime he died. But the son fulfilled the father’s wish by building a bridge. Mahadev Jha’s son Sudhir Jha said that after the father’s death, he thought that if a bridge was built on the village road, lakhs of rupees would be spent for the ceremony. And myot. By becoming here, the troubles of the people will end. And so instead of a feast, a bridge was built in the village.

Sudhir’s mother Maheshwari Devi told that her husband was a teacher by profession. He passed away in 2020. He wanted a bridge to be built in the village of Bayez to pay for the funeral rites after his death. And now the boy has built a bridge, fulfilling his wish. There is a lot of discussion in the area of ​​Sudhir Jha’s work. People say that by doing this Sudhir has shown a new path to other people of the society. However, the villagers are happy with the construction of a bridge in the village. He says that people suffer a lot during the rainy season, which is gone now.


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