Anti-encroachment campaign started near Patna Udyog Bhawan, traders set up shop on the middle road

The book near Udyog Bhawan in Patna’s Gandhi Maidan has been removed in the name of Mandai Ultasulta. Since then those places have also been closed. According to the information, all these traders can make a permanent book market on the land behind Mona Cinema. This decision can be taken after the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Corporation on Monday on this contract.

After all this the journalist got to know the condition of the traders and after the market was empty, the main part of the market was closed. After that traders will not be able to shop inside. But the business has started this business on the side of the road.

When traders asked why the shop was in the street, Pappu Kumar was told by the shopkeeper that our shops have been removed and a market would be set up behind Mona Cinema. But not made yet. We recommend that you make arrangements as soon as possible, otherwise where to shop. We will lose our jobs. How do families run? Although the market has been cleared by the authorities to ease traffic congestion, traders are now setting up shop along the road. In such a situation, if the market is not arranged for them soon, then more traffic conditions will be created.

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