Now that tourists can tour the tourist places of Bihar by helicopter, this service will be started to promote tourism.

Now tourists coming to Bihar will get a completely new experience. Actually, Bihar government is starting helicopter service for tourists. This service will be for Patna as well as some tourist areas of the state where tourists can contact directly in less time. And the rest of the time can go to other places. Bihar government is going to start helicopter service for Patna, Gaya, Bodh Gaya, Rajgir, Balmiki Nagar and Jamui. However, the exercise to start this service was started about two years ago. The response of the department is also good.

The department has also set standards for helicopter suppliers. Whoever fulfills this will get this facility. These parameters range from helicopter capability, safety for tourists to fares. According to departmental data, the number of tourists coming to Bihar is not likely to increase. More than 5 lakh foreign tourists visited Gaya and Bodh Gaya in 2020. In 2019, 1.8 lakh foreign tourists visited Rajgir and 1.7 lakh Nalanda. However, the department believes that by providing helicopter services to tourists, they will be able to travel stress free and visit multiple places in a day.

In my opinion, tourists should visit Gopalganj, Gaya, Sitamarhi, Rajgir, Balmiki Nagar in Bihar. And get new experience from Bihar, Bihar has everything, they think. There are many tourists who are short of time. So save their time. Therefore, the initiative is being taken to start this service. It is worth mentioning that there are many places worth visiting in Bihar. Bihar has a special place in the whole world. Mountains, lakes, rivers, forests, mountains and rivers are the things of nature here.

Bihar Tourism Minister Narayan Prasad said, ‘We want more and more tourists to come here and experience something new in Bihar. “We are sending our message to Bhutan and even Mauritius,” he said. And they are being invited. “I have met the people of Bhutan,” he said. From there a large number of people come to Bodh Gaya. Along with the places of Patna, there is also a saffron stupa here. Odhani Lake is in Banka. Where motor boat can be enjoyed. Apart from this, parachute can also be enjoyed in the newly constructed Amava lake by the department. We want Bihar to become number one in the country in terms of tourism.

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