Priyanka Chopra was stunned in the moving flight, she lost her senses and did such antics that everyone was embarrassed.

Priyanka Chopra is one of those actresses who did not limit herself. He has played every challenging character in his career so far with great honesty. His talent was not only recognized by Bollywood but also by Hollywood, he did many successful films in Bollywood as well as Hollywood. Priyanka Chopra proved that if you have the ability, then not only in the country but also abroad, you can play your talent and no one will be able to stop you from doing so. Although Priyanka Chopra, who is always in the headlines, remains in the discussion not only because of films but also because of her personal life. She is often known for her outspoken style.

Along with this, Priyanka also manages to grab headlines due to her strange fashion. His clumsy dress sometimes comes under the target of people. Because of which many times they also have to face the anger of the people. Apart from this, Priyanka sometimes does such work in public places, due to which she has to be embarrassed later. One such anecdote is when Priyanka Chopra got taunted in a moving flight.

According to media reports, this story was narrated by the attendant of the flight in which Priyanka Chopra had done this entire incident. According to the flight attendant, Priyanka Chopra first demanded Bloody Mary from her, it was at the time when Priyanka Chopra was doing the American show Quantico. Due to this show, he had got a lot of recognition. In such a situation, almost everyone knew Priyanka Chopra during that time.

Not only did Priyanka ask for a Bloody Mary drink, but she also ordered hot sausage along with it. Priyanka Chopra drank three pegs one after the other. And he started getting very intoxicated by it. She was completely torn at that time. Although intoxicated Priyanka fell asleep after drinking it. But even after sleeping, she was doing such acts due to which the people sitting in the flight could not stop laughing. Priyanka Chopra looked like a baby girl during this time. A video of it was also uploaded on social media, however it was later taken down.

Priyanka Chopra had recently arrived with husband Nick Jonas to attend the BAFTA 2021 award show, where she appeared as a presenter. He had specially prepared two outfits for this show, due to these outfits people also took him very hard. Although she often chooses very glamorous dress to go to any Hollywood event, and every time she has to face a lot of criticism due to her clothes. Priyanka Chopra also posed for beautiful photos with her husband Nick during this award function.

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