Ranbir spoke openly on Alia and his relationship, said


There is a lot of romance between the stars on the film screen, but when the story of romance is seen behind the screen, the audience’s fun doubles. There are many Bollywood stars whose pair has not yet been seen by the audience on screen but the love story behind the screen won their hearts. The names of handsome hunk Ranbir Kapoor and Raazi girl Alia Bhatt are included in this list.

Ranbir and Alia got married on April 14 this year. Both were in a relationship for a long time and the fans were eagerly waiting for their marriage. The two are yet to be seen together on screen but the audience has always shown interest in their behind-the-scenes romance. Although Ranbir says little about the relationship, but recently he has told how he is feeling after marriage.

Ranbir spoke on married life

Talking about his personal and professional life, Ranbir made many revelations. He said- Nothing big has changed in our life after marriage. We were together for five years so we thought we should get married. Although we have some work commitments, it is also necessary to fulfill them first. Significantly, the very next day of marriage, Ranbir and Alia got busy with work.

To this Ranbir said that we had started work on the very next day of marriage. Alia had gone to shoot for her film and I also went to Manali to shoot for my film. We are both thinking of taking off when she comes back from London and after the release of my film Shamshera. Right now it doesn’t seem like we are married.

Alia and Ranbir got married on 14 April

Let us tell you that the news of Ranbir and Alia’s marriage was coming for many years. Alia did not speak much on this matter but Ranbir had told that if Pandemic had not come, he would have married Alia. On 14 April this year, Alia and Ranbir got married among their close friends and family members. After marriage, both of them had also come to pose for the media, during which Ranbir lifted Alia in his lap.

Let us tell you that Ranbir and Alia are going to be seen in the film Brahmastra. Both came close to each other during the shooting of this film. After some time Alia also started sharing her pictures with Ranbir. In a post, she had told that Ranbir is her best boyfriend. Apart from this, Ranbir and Alia often used to enter functions and parties together, due to which the fans came to know that the affair of both of them is quite serious. Alia and Ranbir’s film Brahmastra will release on September 9 this year.


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