Son of a bitch, how did you have 10-12 children in your time..! Father and son, our age made people overnight news

We all should always keep smiling in our life and enjoy our life to the fullest and in such a situation we have brought some funny jokes for you as always, after reading your mood will be completely fresh, so what about the delay, let’s start are again. this process of laughing and laughing

GF calls BF. Boy: Say yes.

Mother to child: You don’t study throughout the year and get entangled in books when exams come, why? Child: Because everyone likes the comfort of the waves, but the fun of taking a boat in a storm is something else. Mother: “Come here..” Dog”. I’ll make you “Titanic Driver”

Water was dripping from Pappu’s ceiling just above the dining table.

Mother – Gossip You are very smart in studies, so why do you have tutors? Gossip: Mother, you are also good at doing household chores, so why keep a housewife? Give me a slap! Give me a slap!!

At the time of marriage everyone says to the bride’s family, “I will make your daughter very happy after marriage” but has the bride ever heard the boy’s family say this? No, no… because women don’t lie. ,

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