Ajay Alok raised questions on Nitish’s population control policy, said- ‘Ghee’ is being poured into the barn


Ajay Alok raised questions on Nitish's population control policy, said- 'Ghee' is being poured into the barn

Ajay Alok is questioning Nitish’s policies

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After being expelled from JDU, former spokesperson Ajay Alok has come under attack. Now they are directly questioning Nitish Kumar’s policies. In which he is also getting the support of BJP leaders.

After expulsion from Janata Dal United (JDU), former spokesperson Ajay Alok is now talking about issues that he used to avoid talking about when he was in the party. On Thursday, former JDU spokesperson Dr Ajay Alok questioned Nitish Kumar’s stand on the population control law. Ajay Alok tweeted with a quote from Wikipedia: ‘Today 11 years later Bihar’s population reaches 130 million, an increase of 30%, due to female education and awareness, fertility rate increased from 3.3% to 2.9% But a lot. National average. The population of a particular religion has increased from 1.74 crore to 2.5 crore, i.e. more than 40%, but no law has been made. If a political party has to play a role, not make laws, just spread awareness, then it is wrong.

Power is for the whole society, not for keeping anyone happy. Be that as it may, Bihar and the country’s minorities have always been the deciding factor in where they will vote, so adding ghee to the barn will not work.

Giriraj Singh supported

Union Minister Giriraj Singh has supported Ajay Alok’s tweet. Giriraj Singh, reacting to Ajay Alok’s tweet, wrote – Ajay Alok, you are right. Population control law need not be seen from political point of view. The development of the nation needs to be seen through a magnifying glass. If China had not enacted a strict population control law in 1979, a strong China would not have stood in front of the world today.

Questions are also being raised on Nitish’s policies

Actually, after being expelled from the party, Ajay Alok has become vocal and is speaking loudly. Now they are directly questioning Nitish Kumar’s policies, as well as trying to send a message that he has no regrets about being expelled from the party. On Thursday, Ajay Alok tweeted another – The law of nature is that the seasons change and man also changes, but the basic character does not change. I will remain in my original form from today, Pataliputra is the mother of revolution and I am the son of this earth and this year the rains will come in full force. Jai Hind


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