Arjun Kapoor was seen carrying Malaika in his lap, people said – Malaika will be sad!


Arjun Kapoor has shared special pictures and videos with Bhumi Pednekar on Instagram. People are complaining to Malaika Arora seeing her. Bhumi is working with Arjun in ‘The Lady Killer’. When people saw the photo, they started pulling Arjun’s leg.

Arjun’s sister Anshula Kapoor has also commented on this post. In the photo, Arjun and Bhumi are looking into each other’s eyes, while in the video, Arjun is trying to lift Bhumi in his lap. In one of the photos, he is seen sitting on the grass.

Arjun Kapoor shared some pictures and videos on Instagram with Ladykiller’s co-star Bhumi Pednekar. People made fun of his photo and tagged his girlfriend Malaika.

Arjun wrote in the post, after 45 days of shooting, Lady and Lady Killer’s failed attempt to give some killer poses. In the first photo, Arjun and Bhumi are looking into each other’s eyes. In the video, Arjun is lifting Bhumi in his lap. In the second picture, both are seen smiling. In the second photo, Arjun and Bhumi are sitting on the grass.

Arjun’s sister Anshula has written cute on the photo. There are many comments. Some people have tagged Arjun’s girlfriend Malaika. What will happen to Malaika ji, a user has written. As someone writes, Malaika wants to know your location. There is another comment, Malaika will not be happy to see this.


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