Salman Khan made fun of Hrithik Roshan, Hrithik also gave a good answer

Salman Khan is one of the biggest actors of today and today Salman Khan is highly respected. Because Salman Khan has been giving superhit films to Bollywood for the last several days. So the fan following of Salman Khan on social media India is also very high and Salman Khan’s film fans like and support Salman a lot. But recently Salman has slammed Bollywood’s biggest superstar Hrithik Roshan and his film. Later in this article we will tell you what Salman Khan has to say about Hrithik and his film.

Salman Khan mocks Hrithik Roshan

Salman Khan is a very big and famous actor of Bollywood. That’s why nowadays everyone respects and respects Salman. But sometime back, Salman Khan made some insults about actor Hrithik Roshan and his film, who is one of the biggest actors in Bollywood. That’s why fans of Salman Khan and fans of Hrithik are also criticizing Salwar fiercely.

Actually something similar happened in 2010 when Hrithik Roshan made a film named Gujrish. Salman Khan had strongly criticized both the film and Hrithik regarding the story of the film. After this Salman Khan was criticized. Salman had said that mosquitoes were flying in Hrithik’s film and even Azhar Kutra did not come to watch his film. After that everyone called Salman bad on this idea. Hrithik Roshan also responded to Salman’s criticism. The article will also tell you about Hrithik’s answer.

Hrithik gave a scathing reply, Kardi stopped talking to everyone

Hrithik Roshan is a very big name actor in Bollywood. That is why nowadays everyone knows and respects Hrithik. Hrithik has given many hits and superhit films in his entire film career. All the movies of Hrithik have been liked by the people and entire Bollywood and they have never been criticized. But in 2010, when Salman Khan criticized Hrithik’s fix request, everyone criticized Salman Khan in one way or the other. Salman had also said some abusive words about Hrithik and his film. Hrithik Roshan replied to Salman. Hrithik said that he respects Salman a lot but it doesn’t suit him if a superstar like Salman makes such remarks. This shows how big is Hrithik Roshan’s heart as he gave a befitting reply to Badi despite the criticism for himself and his film.

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