Sanjay Dutt was furious due to Salman’s antics, had come down on a scuffle, this happened


In today’s time, the entire Bollywood industry knows Salman Khan and everyone gives him a lot of respect and respect. This is because Salman Khan has had the best on Bollywood so far and he has given many films to Bollywood. Almost all the films Salman has given to Bollywood have been blockbusters and have earned a lot of money at the box office as well. Due to which today Salman is counted among the biggest actors of Bollywood.

At present, actor Salman Khan is becoming very viral on social media and is also getting a lot of headlines. This is because recently a very big thing has come to know about Salman and that is that Salman once annoyed Sanjay Dutt with his antics. Seeing Suman’s antics, Sanjay Dutt was furious and got into a scuffle. Yes, this is absolutely true and will tell you about it in further detail in the article.

Salman started doing this work, had provoked Sanjay Dutt with his antics

Sanjay Dutt is also a big name in the whole of Bollywood and in today’s time there will hardly be any person who does not know Sanjay Dutt. This is because Sanjay Dutt is an old and big actor of Bollywood and Sanjay Dutt has given more than 40 years to Bollywood in his life till now. Sanjay Dutt has done many superhit films in Bollywood in these 40 years and has made a very good place in the hearts of the people. Due to which everyone is a big fan of Sanjay Dutt in today’s time.

Talking about the present time, Sanjay Dutt is currently occupying a lot of space on social media and the reason for this is none other than Salman Khan. Why did it say that recently it has come to know that once Salman Khan had done some such acts, due to which Sanjay Dutt got angry and the matter reached to the point that Sanjay Dutt reached Salman’s house to scuffle Were. In the next article, we will tell you what Salman had done to Sanjay and what antics of Salman made Sanjay angry.

Sanjay Dutt got angry with Salman, came down to scuffle with Salman

Till now the article is from Pratap, it is understood that at present, actor Salman Khan and actor Sanjay Dutt are going viral on social media. This is because recently it has come to know that Salman had done something due to which Sanjay Dutt got very angry and Sanjay Dutt went to Salman’s house to scuffle. Something happened that when Salman Khan got a new success in Bollywood, he had done his success in the morning and started troubling Sanjay. Sanjay did not like this and they got into a scuffle.


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