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Videos of Malaika Arora become a topic of discussion every day. Be it her posts on social media or the moments captured by the paparazzi, fans cheered on the actress for her every move. Recently, seeing the actress, some people got upset and started taking pictures of her, due to which she became very angry.

Recently, a video of Malaika Arora surfaced, in which she was getting out of the gym and was surrounded by some people. People compete to be photographed with the actress. Seeing this, Malaika got angry and said angrily- ‘How many photos will you take’. Seeing Malaika’s video going viral on social media, people are now trolling her.

In this video, Malaika Arora is seen in black spaghetti and shorts. She is wearing a blue cap with her hair tied. Malaika Arora is often seen in Mumbai. Sometimes outside the salon and sometimes outside your yoga center. Malaika is looking very beautiful in front. Fans also leave to click photos as soon as they come in front of the media. But this time Malaika’s mercury went up and she overtook her.

Meanwhile, displeasure is clearly visible on Malaika’s face. In such a situation, the fans once again requested the actress to click the photo properly. The actress was ready. Hearing this, the people standing behind start laughing. This video of Malaika Arora is going viral on social media.

Malaika Arora is seen wearing a cap due to her accident. Malaika had a bad accident earlier. This hurt his forehead and got stitches. Whenever Malaika goes out without makeup, she definitely wears a hat so that no one can see her injury marks.


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